Jack Palmiotti  

A Perspective on
︎Dyslexia and the mind

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Visual Vignettes: 


Dyslexia “a language disorder defined as specific reading impairments not caused by lowered intellectual abilities,”
A four part video perspective piece on associative experiences with dyslexia. Internalized information, attention, affecting sensitivities and disruptions, explored through short vignette visual graphics to represent dyslexia beyond as a problem and embracing alternative forms of thinking. 


Visual 1 | Attention

 ◚ ◛
A reflection of dyslexia in the classroom.   

Visual 2 | Reading Writing Repeat

The attention shift of processing Reading and writing with Dyslexia repeating after an error.

Visual 3 | Word Sight Association

Word sight association in the extorier world to the internal of this individual’s perspective.  

Visual 4 | Methods of Cognition

Embracing the alternitive Methods information can process inside the mind. 

About Jack, ◠ ◡
Jack Palmiotti is a producer of experimental storytelling,
working in the medium of digital video and nonlinear editing.
His themes explore dreamlike scenarios in a grounded reality setting engaged for viewers to consider a mutual sense or relation with the visual from the eyes of the experienced.  

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